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All the gold leaf letters that we produce, whether stock or custom, are dimensional, hollow, plastic letters. Typically, they are mounted with a combination of studs and pads but can be mounted with pads and adhesive. Through the years, we have come up with creative solutions for such things as installations on curved walls or irregular stone walls. We, of course, supply mounting patters as well as the required hardware with every job.

Example of gold leaf letters versus gold painted letters 
Custom Letters


Custom gold leaf letters are required when the size or style of letter you need is not available in a stock form. These letters are made from customer-supplied digital artwork. Due to the fidelity of our reproduction of your designs, your gilded letters will fit exactly where they are supposed to go. We have also made countless logos, symbols, and graphics. Take a look at the examples of our custom gold leaf letters in our galleries.

There are, of course, limitations to what we can produce. We can not make letters smaller than 3" or with thin strokes less than 3/10" in width. Also, letters over 10-feet high may be out of range, but we can usually find a way to make what you need.

Stock Letters


Our stock gold leaf letters are plastic and are made by Gemini, Inc., the largest manufacturer of plastic letters in the world. They produce many type styles and a variety of sizes within each style. We recommend round faced or beveled types, because they are the profiles that display the gold best and allow it to define the shape and dazzle the eye. 

Get a Quote


Please email a simple jpeg or pdf for estimating purposes to (We will need vector, Ai, eps, or dxf to produce the job.)

We can help with the design as well. 

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