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Q. Do you use real gold?

A. Yes, we use 23 kt. gold leaf. It comes in 3-3/8" square sheets which are 3/1,000,000" thick.

Q. How is the gold attached to the surface of the letters?

A. We use a product called gold size, a very high quality varnish that never gets hard and brittle. We also add color to the size to hide any minor imperfections.

Q. How long will the gold last?

A. It depends mainly on the environment where the product will be located. The two things that work to damage any finish are dirt and ultra-violet light. Since gold is an extremely light reflective substance, it will reflect ultra-violet lights. The letters can last over 20 years in fairly good conditions.

Q. Can the letters be coated with anything to protect them?

A. Yes, some situations require clear coating, including all interior signs, so that they may be cleaned. The clear coat will diminish the brilliance of the letters by a very small percentage, but will defend them against physical damage.

Q. What materials are the letters themselves made of?

A. Stock letters are made of CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate), a plastic made from organic materials. Custom letters are made of PETG, a high impact resistant plastic.

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